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Campden BRI’s Online course – Root cause analysis

Root cause analysis (RCA) is important in meeting key clauses of the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety. This highly interactive course will give you a greater understanding of root cause analysis and will explore the standards, legislation, methods for RCA and the key stages of problem solving.

Benefits of attending

This online highly interactive course covers the background and definitions of Root Cause Analysis (RCA).   Issue 8 of the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety identifies the significance and importance of RCA and the requirements of the standards and legislation are explored.

Key clauses of this updated standard require effective root cause analysis to be documented and carried out.  Root cause analysis focuses on uncovering the true causes of problems rather than the symptoms.

Team selection and attributes of the RCA team will then enable attendees to better manage and understand their own organisations RCA system. The implementation of effective techniques as part of an organisation’s continual improvement loop and corrective actions are also highlighted.

This course would benefit an individual or group members from an organisation, right across the entire range of roles from Technical to Engineering, Manufacturing, Operations, Administration functions, Logistics and Management.

This live, interactive online course will be delivered over the duration of one day, participants will be sent log in details for a WebEx Training session.

Training Course content

  • Background
  • Understanding the Problem
  • Innovative thinking
  • Investigation
  • Root Cause Identification
  • Problem Elimination
  • Review

Participative case studies help to explain the problem-solving process as well as the identification and use of various RCA tools. Methods of root cause analysis such as Brainstorming, Ishikawa, Bowtie, Mind maps and 5 Whys are looked at, as are effective brainstorming techniques. Delegates will learn about the key stages of problem solving, and the human factors that impact on RCA.

Contributes towards delegates continuing professional development.

Delegate Feedback (August 2020)

  • Very good, engaging and informative, I like how it was interactive.
Event Director – Richard Leather

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