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How to Export Food and Drink Workshop

 In this full day workshop you will hear from David Caine, local Food and Drink Cluster Adviser about the initiative so far and the plans for the future. David will be joined by Nicola Thomas, Director of the FDEA’s consulting practice and with contributions from the FDEA’s Export specialists’ network. The workshop content will be tailored to reflect current challenges faced by companies post EU exit transition including Rules of Origin. The online workshop will cover:

  • Introduction: The UK food and drink export landscape in February 2021
  • Global consumer, retail and food service trends
  • Challenge mapping exercise: to create a shared understanding of the challenges associated with exporting food and drink products
  • Overcoming challenges: a series of practical sessions covering:
  1. Assessing your export capabilities and setting goals
  2. Prioritising export markets
  3. Finding and managing customers
  4. Regulations (including labelling, health certificates, rules of origin etc)
  5. Supply chain (including transport, duty and tariffs)
  6. Getting paid (including pricing, credit and currency risk management)

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