Supplying the brewing, food and beverage industry.

The Beer & Soft Drinks Industry 2019

Ukrainian-German joint venture “Agroinkom” under support of Ministry of agrarian policy of Ukraine, Ukrainian academy of agrarian sciences would like to invite you to take part in the traditional action – 27 specialzed exhibition “The Beer and Soft Drinks Industry’ 2019”, within the framework of exhibition “Hop exposition” with an annual participation of over 120 companies from Ukraine, Europe and CIS countires, which will be held on September 17 – 19 2019 at the exhibition hall NC “Expocentre of Ukraine”, 1, Acad. Hlushkov Ave, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Subjects of specialized exhibition “The Beer and Soft Drinks Industry’ 2019”:

  • manufacturers and suppliers of beer and soft drinks
  • mineral waters and juices
  • tea and coffee
  • processing equipment
  • equipment and settings:for beer, malt and soft drinks production
  • mini-breweries
  • cleaning, filling and packaging of drinks
  • refrigeration systems
  • machines, mechanisms and armaturers
  • industrial and laboratory equipment
  • container and packing
  • glue and labels
  • hop and malt
  • raw materials
  • industry accessories and accompanying goods
  • technologies for manufacturing, specialized transport and furniture
  • advertising and polygraphic services
  • specialized editions
  • quality monitoring devices
  • accessories and cookery

During exhibition there will be carried out conferences, seminars, presentations, professional tasting competitions of beer, soft drinks, mineral waters, juices etc., various competitions and program shows.

Natsionalnyy Ekspotsentr Ukrainy, М01, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000

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