Coronavirus – Member Company Support Documents

Member companies are developing support documentation for their customers.  To view documents please click on the links below:


Office perspex screens – click here


Hygiene Q & A in Food Processing – Holchem – click here

Mobile Hand Sanitiser Unit – Brewfitt – Hand Sanitisation Station by Brewfitt wo Hol


BBPA COVID-19 Dispense System Temporary Shut Down Guide


Things you’ve never had time to do…..Part 1 ‘The Cellar’ – Avani Solutions –

Things you’ve never had time to do…. Part 2 ‘The Bar – Avani Solutions-

Avani 3 Step Plan To Help You Serve Great Quality Beer From Day 1 of Opening Avani Beer-Ready overview sheet

Vianet System – Start Up Process – Vianet dispense equipment start up process

Guide to refurbishment – TVS –

Is Your Bar Ready To Open? – TVS Guide –

5 Step Guide to Reopening Your Cellar & Bar – 096_5 step guide A4 flyer

Have You Got Your CO2 Gas Monitor & Oxygen Sensor? the dangers of CO2 and Oxygen and why you need to monitor for these

Primary Gas System:

Safely Starting Up Following a Period of Non Use – Air Products Air Products Safely starting up following a period of non-use

CO2 Alarm Checks After Period on Non Use – Air Products Air Products 43269-tank-start-up-flyer_EU-Ax50_WEB

Beer Lines:

Blowing Beer Lines to Air – Avani

Ancilliary Equipment:

Preparing Ice Machine Post Lock Down – Chemisphere BFBI guide ice machine

Glasswasher Care Post Lock Down – Chemisphere 099_Glasswasher care A4 flyer_highres

Posts relating to the coronavirus


Plastic Screens by PAR Group

Plastic screens (often referred to as Perspex® screens) are designed to maintain hygiene levels and provide worker safety. They act as a barrier between customers

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